Thursday, April 14, 2016

Why I would never vote for Ted Cruz

If you followed any of my writing you would know that I was a law enforcer for over thirty years, then a private Investigator. In both cases, I dealt with prosecutors and defense attorneys.

A big factor is his body language and way of speaking that tells me--He is saying: I am the smartest man in the world--Bow down and listen when I speak.

In addition, I attended Law School for two years. No one there ever knew that I was  a law enforcer, just that I was a California State employee.

What I learned from all that time, and encountering hundreds of attorneys was that there were four that I would trust and respect.

First, attorneys seemed to have the line between right and wrong erased by the time they practice for about six months.

Serving justice is not the goal--winning the case is. If destroying someone to do that is involved--So be it. 

In California, attorneys would go to an agency where an officer or deputy worked--that had arrested his/her client and demand to view that  law enforcer's personnel record. That worked until Los Angeles County Sheriff Peter Pitchess challenged it. After the Court's decision an attorney had to be able to point to a specific incident to view that record.

Attorneys rationalize their corrupt tactics be declaring that all their efforts are to give their client the most vigorous representation possible.

This is evident about Cruz as he ignores results of elections and goes about gathering delegates by hook or by crook.

An early indicator of what he was about was the false statement he put out about Dr Ben Carson prior to the Iowa caucuses.

Personally, I think that attorneys are mainly actors. They put on a show of defying each other in court--then go for cocktails after, and pat each other on the back.

A trial is an effort by one attorney to put on a show to the uninformed jury while blocking his/her opposing attorney's show.  I say uninformed because I was the prosecutor's witness, and sat through jury selection. If you are a law enforcer, another attorney, a first responder, doctor, or nurse, you will NOT be selected. The ideal is a retired sociology teacher 

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