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The National Border Patrol Council has come forward to reveal to the American public once again management practices that could be risking the lives of Americans -- and the lives of illegal immigrants. 

featured-imgShawn Moran, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, spoke exclusively with Breitbart News and claimed that Border Patrol management has begun the practice of ordering Border Patrol Agents to stand down and cease pursuing drug smugglers, human smugglers and traffickers, and illegal aliens. He also warned it could lead to illegal aliens entering the country from nations associated with terrorism.
“It doesn’t matter whether it’s drugs, bodies, or how large the group is, our agents are being ordered to stand down by Border Patrol management,” said Moran. "I have received reports from our agents in every single sector from San Diego to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas that they are receiving these orders."
"They are not being relieved in place, they are simply being told that someone else is being dispatched, but none of us have seen that occur," he explained. "We are simply being ordered to stand down and stop tracking and trying to apprehend the criminals.” He discussed the importance of agents being relieved in place when tracking an individual or group.
"Border Patrol senior leadership says the stand downs are a means of addressing budgetary shortfalls and making sure agents aren’t working longer shifts," Moran said. "The Border Patrol has a larger budget than ever, but the agents on the ground have not seen the benefits of an increased budget. The increased budget has not trickled down to the men and women with their boots on the ground."
"They are placing the budgetary concerns before the security of our border," Moran stated. "We have situations where top-level bureaucrats in the U.S. Border Patrol and in the Customs and Border Protection Agency are receiving massive bonuses -- some up to $64,000 --- for finding ways to reduce the pay Border Patrol Agents receive." 
"Groups that are outside of human trafficking, human smuggling, and drug smuggling are going to exploit these stand down orders as well, not only cartels but illegal aliens from nations that are tied to terrorism,” he warned.

Nothing new here, folks.

What do I base that on?

1. In 1992, the Border Patrol had set up a Check Point on I-15, between Escondido, CA and Temecula, CA.  A Chev Suburban loaded with 32 Illegal Aliens, ran the check point. B P Agents pursued. The Suburban went off I-15, into Temecula, down streets zones 35 MPH at 70 mph. The High School was just getting out. Four students in a Honda Civic were leaving, and were broadsided by the Suburban. All four were killed.
The BP responded with Orders from HQ in D C. 
IF a suspected "Load Car" ( Car filled with Illegals) was attempted to be apprehended by a B P Agent using Red & Blue Overhead lights and a siren, and that Load Car VIOLATED ANY Traffic Law, the Agent was to: Turn off the lights and sired, execute a u-turn, and return to the originating point or position. 
Forty Per Cent of the Border Patrol is comprised of "Anchor Babies" or naturalized citizens. Their allegiance is to relatives in Mexico--Not the  United States.

Sher: "David, thanks again for your time in addressing this vital issue that impacts all of us in the US. I'd like to start by asking you to explain some of the reasons that illegal immigration into the United States has become so uncontrollable over the last 30-40 years. Let's start with the makeup of the US Border Patrol. You mentioned that the US' affirmative action programs and the EEOC have been largely responsible in creating a situation, in that fully 70% of the USBP is now comprised of agents holding dual Mexican and US citizenship. Would you elaborate?"

David: "Sorry. That's not exactly what I said. I didn't make myself clearly understood. What I said was that 70% of the Border Patrol is Hispanic. That in and of itself isn't bad. Some of the most dedicated and aggressive officers I ever worked with were Hispanic. It is a bad thing that a huge number of those Hispanic Border Patrol Officers are anchor babies or derivative citizens. Let me explain; A Derivative citizen is someone who is born in a foreign country of at least one U.S. Citizen Parent. The Anchor Baby is someone whose parents who are residents and citizens of a foreign country but who is born here.

"It is unfortunate that there are U.S. Border Patrol Officers who, through a quirk of law, are U.S. citizens but whose loyalties, culture and mores are of and to a foreign nation. I am referring specifically to Mexico. We currently have Border Patrol Officers who were raised, educated and indoctrinated in Mexico. They regard themselves as Mexican first and their loyalties are to Mexico. They regard their mission as Border Patrol Officers as primarily to assure the safety of their fellow countrymen while they illegally enter the United States. This is why we have a history of Border Patrol Officers working for the Mexican human and drug smuggling cartels. Being raised in Mexico and having friends and family there, they have a support network to use when they get crosswise with U.S. law. Of course, when they get caught, they flee to Mexico where they have family and friends.

Word was passed to the smugglers. If red and blue lights came on behind one of these vehicles--forget that it Could be a City Police Officer, a Deputy Sheriff, or a Highway Patrol Officer- the response was to accelerate to high speed with dangerous lane changes. Often on I-8, the Load Car would cross the center divider and go the wrong way. Several American unsuspecting citizens were killed like this in head on crashes.
 Mexico capitalized on this. In 1995, a Mexican Consul would almost beat the ambulances to crashes, and "Prep" the "Victims" for a lawsuit against what ever agency had been pursuing .
This was under Bill Clinton.

2. A B P Agent , on his way to Federal Court, spotted a family on the street in San Diego. 

Memo Curbs Arrests of Immigrants

After a backlash, the Border Patrol won't nab suspects except at the border or checkpoints. Now agents are angry.

After protests over recent immigration arrests in San Diego and San Juan Capistrano, Border Patrol officials have instructed agents not to make arrests on city streets or question suspected illegal immigrants except along the border and at highway checkpoints in Orange and Riverside counties.
The directive, outlined in an Aug. 8 memo, is aimed at agents in San Diego and southern areas of Orange and Riverside counties.
"The future of Border Patrol operations" depends on eliminating the public perception that agents occasionally conduct neighborhood sweeps, says the memo from William T. Veal, chief patrol agent for the greater San Diego area.
Agents reacted with anger and disbelief to the memo.
"I refuse not to do my job. They want us to turn a blind eye even if we know that an alien is here illegally, and a criminal [besides]. That's reprehensible," said agent Thane Gallagher, who is also a union official. "Whose mythical notion is this that once an illegal alien is in the U.S., we're supposed to turn our back?"
The policy was announced by Veal last week, after the Aug. 1 arrests of five members of a Mexican family by Border Patrol agents. The family -- parents, son, daughter and a nephew, all adults -- was (ALLEGEDLY) walking to the Mexican Consulate near downtown San Diego to apply for matricula consular cards, identification cards issued by the Mexican government to its citizens living in the United States. The arrests were made about a block from the consulate.
Later in the day, a friend of the family was arrested and deported when he went to retrieve the family's car, consular officials said.
The arrests sparked controversy and words of protest by Deputy Consul General Javier Diaz, who met with Veal to discuss the incident. Officials at the National Border Patrol Council Local 1613, which represents local agents, said Veal's directive was largely motivated by the outpouring of criticism leveled at the agency after the arrests. The incident was the first time in recent memory that such an arrest has occurred so close to a Mexican consulate in the United States, according to U.S. and Mexican authorities.
Mexican Consul General Rodulfo Figueroa said he was astonished by the arrests because of their proximity to his downtown office, where Mexican nationals have long been able to come without worrying about Border Patrol agents approaching them and where consular officials have been able to effectively do their job helping Mexicans in the U.S.
"There is sort of a unwritten agreement that it shouldn't happen," Figueroa said. "I don't know what brought them here."
Veal's memo was also shaped by fallout from a series of June arrests in San Juan Capistrano. In one instance, a father whose children were in grade school was arrested, forcing officials to place the children in a county facility.
The San Juan Capistrano arrests, and the wave of rumors and fears they fed, resulted in a meeting that attracted more than 400 people who met with the Mexican consul, lawyers and a U.S. immigration official in a church gymnasium.
Veal declined Tuesday to discuss the memo. A Border Patrol spokesman said the document is viewed as internal communication.
The memo was directed at all agents in the San Diego sector, which includes San Diego County and the border checkpoints in San Clemente and Temecula. It said agents are prohibited from initiating enforcement action in cities, residential areas, near workplaces and locations where day laborers gather. Agents are also prohibited from taking enforcement action while driving to assignments.
The priority for Border Patrol agents, Veal wrote, should be "maximum containment" of illegal immigration at the border and preventing the entry of terrorists. Enforcing immigration laws away from the border and at workplaces will be done by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, he wrote.
Agents said the memo has had a chilling effect.
"Morale was already bad, but this memo sent it plummeting to the lowest point I've ever seen," said Shawn Moran, a spokesman for the union representing agents. "The guys and women are asking what management expects them to do, if not their jobs. We're telling them they have to follow the chief's orders."
Patricia Mariscal, a San Juan Capistrano activist who organized protests against the June arrests, welcomed the memo's message.
"This will allow the Border Patrol to continue with its mission of enforcing the immigration laws while at the same time treating immigrants with respect," said Mariscal. "But they've had other policies and regulations in place that they haven't followed in the past. I hope this is one they'll follow."
In San Diego, fallout from the arrest of the family near the Mexican Consulate has continued to cause unease.
While Moran defended the four agents who made the arrests, others said the Border Patrol had violated a long-held trust that the neighborhood around the consulate was sacred ground.
Mexican immigrant Angela Velasquez, 56, waited on a recent afternoon with her daughter, who was trying to get a Mexican passport. Velasquez said the area around the consulate should be a "protected zone," where undocumented immigrants don't have to worry about being arrested.
The American Friends Service Committee in San Diego has received several phone calls from apprehensive illegal immigrants since the arrest, said director Christian Ramirez.
"This has really sent shock waves throughout the Latino community," Ramirez said. "People have called to ask if it's safe to go to the Laundromat, supermarket, school, swimming lessons.

George W Bush was President then
3. In 2004, B P Agents at the Temecula Check Point deduced that no transporter was coming through their station. Four Agents took vans and went to Riverside, San Bernardino, Upland, Ontario, and Chino, CA.  In four days, they had collected 440 Illegals off the streets. 
Rep. Joe Baca, D- San Bernardino, stormed into B P HQ in DC, ranting that the B P was "Disturbing his constituents". Very quickly, an order came from DC directing that "Agents would not leave their Check Points."
Again, under President George W. Bush

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